Nintendo Wii to Lead in New Generation Gaming

Nintendo is now raising the stakes. In a world where gaming used to release consoles every two years or so, now with the new Nintendo, this will be a 6 year release cycle. To keep the money rolling in these companies relied on add-ons and console revisions / small upgrades. What is so different about today? It seems that desktop PC’s and gaming consoles have reached well into their expected performance potential. “We have enough machine.”

For both gaming and desktop computing, this very much changes the game for manufactures of these sorts of systems. In-fact, this coud explain how Microsoft’s XBox took over the Sony PlayStation market. With a Microsoft goal to simply, “break-even”, it allows the company to take major stake in a marketplace, eliminate the competition, and then profit. It’s a very simple concept.

All the major gaming console platforms: XBox, PlayStation, and Wii have realized that in this market, you cannot continue to force your users to upgrade with $300 – $500 every two years with a new system. Therefore, they focused on games and add-ons. And with things such as the Kinect and hand movement, they have succeeded.

I have a feeling that consoles and desktop PC’s will be replaced once every 10 years, while laptops are replaced once every 5 years, and mobile phones are replaced every 3 years. Reason being is due to the fact of mobile computing. How important are your stationary machines? While your mobile machines get more use and wear and tear. The new fad’s with Desktops and Gaming Systems apparently seems to be the relationship to video media, like Netflix, Hulu, Comcast On-Demand, YouTube, Pandora, MOG, and others.

If anything, I believe that along with add-ons and improvements, gaming systems and PC’s should promote the purchases of multiple devices around the house to connect with all of your visual displays (LCD, LED, Plasma, DLP, etc…). Windows 8 is aiming to crash ease of use via metro interaction. Wii is going dual control via remote display. Apple is going on their forth Apple TV, I mean, how many times does it take? While Intel continues to slow down factories and HP continues to report terrible earnings…

No more 1 PC per home, now let’s get to a state to have 1 PC per room. Remember that Mac’s are Personal Computers too. Now, how do you get this task accomplished?

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  1. Evan Moore says:

    i can not wait to see how well this thing will sell. I remembering reading about the Wii U last year, but I had no idea it’s already in stores today! Meanwhile, I browse the web with ad block, I skip TV commercials, I play only XBOX, and I read nothing but Apple articles. So, even though my senses are completely filtered, I would have thought an article or two would have caught my attention. From what I’ve seen, and this is only my eyes doing the talking, but the graphical quality of a Wii U looks like an XBOX 360. And that statement isn’t a good one since XBOX 360 is 6 years old meanwhile Microsoft plans to announce their next gen probably in 2013 and release it probably early 2014. Then there’s the PS3 with its cell processor is still so powerful that developers still haven’t maxed out its potential. So, what’s the purpose of a PS4? XBOX in my opinion is doing so well, because of XBOX live exclusively and a few other things. They created an experience that makes people buy into it the same way Apple has conveniently done so with their iOS hardware charging it at premium prices. By tagging a premium cost to their online services, offering an easy to use experience with free upgrades, exclusive games that we want to play, exclusivity to add-on game purchases months before Sony and Nintendo get them, it creates a word of mouth loyalty that catches fire. Don’t forget, when XBOX live owners were suffering from the ’3 rings of death’ (including me), which was their machines basically overheating, fans would buy back-up models to prepare for the machines to fail. This is a fact! Then once Microsoft agreed to fix them all for free, fans would buy the broken models off ebay for cheap and send them to Microsoft to fix and turn a profit.

    The only real reason people were buying the PS3 when it first launched was for the blu-ray. Blu-ray and HDDVD were at war and customers were told to buy a PS3 for its movie purposes meanwhile you get a video game system should you want to have fun. It was the blu-ray that was making the PS3 more expensive than the other models and were bleeding money. But those who were buying the PS3 for the video game experience first found the online experience to be completely lacking: Users couldn’t interact with OS while playing a game (chat, check messages… they would have to quit out of the game to do so) only until many months later and stil was buggy. There were no launch titles that anyone wanted to play. There was that big fiasco with Sony’s online network constantly hacked therefor their network constantly shut down for months on end.

    It’s funny how we forget these big issues years later. I have a theory that we only remember about 2 to 3 years of news headlines. It’s almost like we need a history book that chronicles technology like school chronicles the world’s politics. When a politician leader steps down, his or her name is put into the history books and there’s a chapter about their contributions and failures. What about technology and how it influences the world more now than anything? Should technology industry leaders succeed or fail, and their products and influences change the world, they should have a chapter that lists all the reasons they did what they did so its captured and logged as well. And I’m not talking about wikipedia, I’m talking about serious logging. For example, why is apple constantly suing every phone manufacturer? Because in 2006, Creative, who was known for its Zen media players, sued Apple’s famous original iPod interface and won. ( Therefore, Apple now patents all ideas even before their prototypes. So, when someone asks, why is Apple constantly suing, we can go back to page 2,206 and say, because of this reason here.

    Once you start to approach 4 to 5 years, anything that explains why we do certain things today becomes fuzzy or goes out the window as if we learned nothing at all or we choose not to remember, which ever comes first. For example: slide to unlock (didn’t exist before 2007, but is now standard), location GPS services + keyword internet searching + tap enabled phone numbers (all one combined thing didn’t exist before 2007, but is now standard and taken for granted), tap to zoom/pinch to zoom (phones did not do this before 2007 I’m sorry), keyboard less phones (not practical before 2007 — remember the “black jack” or “Motorola Q” in 2006? these were considered capable phones (said Steve Ballmer) back then other wise known as “the best”)

    Nintendo was successful, because it was offering a machine that was 50% cheaper than Microsoft and Sony, plus it had the name brands: zelda, mario bro., metroid, etc.

    It’s going to be really interesting what these next generation consoles are going to be like by Microsoft and Sony. I’m going to plant my foot in the ground and say the Wii U is not going to sell well now that it’s expensive. They had the edge because of its price, but not this time.

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