Ubuntu Phone – Open Source Linux Ported for Mobile

The world of Linux has brought a lot of evolution to the world. Animated windows, popularity of Open Source, web application servers, model of security, and much more. Linux has spawned Android’s mobile phone, operated the core of Mac OS, and runs the most servers in the world. And it is all for free.

There are multiple, multiple types of Linux Operating Systems: Mandrake, Red Hat, Ubuntu, what could be in the hundreds of flavors. And on top of that, there are several front-end windows interfaces, the two most popular being KDE and Gnome. Sometimes, the incredible numbers of options makes Linux desktop OS’s confusing and difficult to get into. But if you can embrace it, you find that there are an incredible number of ways to customize your workstation and your life.

Ubuntu specifically set out as a group that could bring a highly featured Linux Operating System to the main stream, running a Gnome desktop interface. They also have a flavor running KDE, which is the biggest opponent of Gnome. With the spur of making Linux mainstream, they have succeeded in greatly reducing costs of desktops by completely utilizing open source software. In-fact, Dell has options to come with Ubuntu pre-loaded, at major outlets.

Now Ubuntu is planning on a Ubuntu Phone Operating System, integrating phone features into the operating system, that allows touch apps to quickly interface on a much smaller form-factor scale. It is exciting to see, I have put a long video below, I would skip to about 6:20 if you already know what Ubuntu is.

Skip to 6:20 – Introduction of the Ubuntu Phone for the introduction of the phone.

Will this kick off? It could be considered a long shot, but there phone OS fight is still healthy and kicking. This could be a very special place to work well in custom enterprise mobile devices, where complete custom devices need to be created. I personally will call this a long shot, unless you can get the backing of a manufacturer that will invest in the development and production of a complete unit, very similar to how Google stepped up with their Android release. But there is a kicker, all of the development of Android hardware and device drivers for Android Phones will all be compatible, simply because they have already plugged into Linux.

Maybe, once released around 2014, I can try loading on one of my old Galaxy S phones.

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