[Control] + [Shift] + [Delete] Clear All Browsing History

I honestly cannot tell you the number of times that I have had to clear all of my browsing history while developing websites and dealing with logins. Sessions, Cache, Cookies, Temporary Files, and History all play a part in how and when your browser asks the server for information, compared to when it can find the information it is looking for, locally. After a number of years, it seems that all of today’s browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer) have finally realized the same [Control] + [Shift] + [Delete] command.

To quickly reach your “Clear Everything” options, in Firefix, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, simply press and hold [Control] + [Shift] + [Delete] while a browser window is open. You will then have the option to quickly clear all of your temp settings and move on to testing your website. Just a quick hint.

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  1. Keith Powell says:

    You know… If you have the Chrome developer console open, you get extra options when you click and hold on the Refresh button. You get “Normal Reload”, “Hard Reload”, and “Empty Cache and Hard Reload”. Very handy.

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