Why Do Apple Laptops Cost So Much!?

Boy ol’ Boy, Apple laptops cost a lot of money. Granted, I am regularly spending on all sorts of technology, that I may or may not actually “need”. But when I see the prices on Apple’s products, it can be shocking.

Apple products offer just a little bit more than your standard PC products running Windows. Apple goes the extra mile in reworking the internals of the system to ensure that your machine is small, while the performance and features are extra.

Display Constraints and Extra’s
Apple has purposefully removed their line of 17-inch screen Macbook Pro’s due to the size, while releasing their Retina ultra sharp displays at 2880×1800 pixels on 15-inch screens and 2560×1600 on 13. This resolution is typically not seen standard unless you are on a screen 27-inches or higher. In-fact, I find it bold to do such a thing, but when analyzing typical viewing distance, it’s argued that a 20 inch distance from the screen is enough to tighten up those pixels. Keep your spectacles in check.

Ultra Thin with Reduced Performance
As many times as I have heard that the Macbook Air never freezes and that the instant on works perfectly every time. I beg to differ. My instant on takes often times 10+ seconds. But on the flip side, I truly enjoy my 13-inch Macbook Air. It is so small, weighs almost nothing, and is absolutely preferable while sitting on the couch, in my car, or traveling. Instant On, I do not care one bit. It is an amazing machine.

Linux Core, Intel Processor
There are absolutely no negatives to say about both of these decisions. The fact that Apple was able to make a deal with Intel, while dropping Motorola, and to completely restructure their core Operating System with a Linux kernel are absolutely amazing. It wasn’t until Apple did switch to Linux and Intel, that I began looking into their products as a potential consumer.

I just gave some very clear examples of why I like Apple. So, why do Apple Laptops Cost So Much!?

Over the past 6 months, I have been particularly looking at a 15-inch Macbook Pro, Quad Core, 2.6 Ghz, 512 MB SSD, 8 GB of RAM (to upgrade to 16 GB), Retina Display, with two Thunderbolt ports. With a price upwards to $3,000, it has been a very tough sale. Save 15% of Refurbished. Plan to load up Parallels with Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop CS6, probably about 10 – 15 Apache virtual hosts, and constantly loaded with 40+ Chrome tabs. All that I can take with me where ever I go.

Again, Why the cost? Because they compact all that power, into a sleek simple clamshell, along with stocking all their extra cash away for the future development of the machines of the future. Investing in the computer means investing in the future of the company, which means investing in the brand. You have to kick in a little extra so that all these extras get delivered as options to you in the future.

Tough sale, but it has obviously been working. Good job Apple, as a company and as a product developer.

Interestingly, it seems many other companies (ASUS, Lenovo, Microsoft) seem to be now copying the “premium” model.

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2 Responses to Why Do Apple Laptops Cost So Much!?

  1. evan says:

    apple computers are not bundled with craplets, which PC manufactures such as Dell will bundle into their windows computers to help reduce the cost by selling the space to third parties. meanwhile, the apple support is bundled into the cost of your apple computers, which is #1 in the industry. e.g. call dell for customer support and they the problem can’t be solved, they will suggest you back up your data and reformat your machine to see if its a dell problem or a windows problem.


  2. AAPLbleh says:

    Who needs tech support when you know how to fix everything yourself? Not worth it!

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