Houston to Singapore in Less than 3 Hours via Space

Cloning mice is getting incredibly easier in Japan and Ellington Airport in Houston, TX is working on a feasibility study to get a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration to become the first world travel space port in the United States. Technically, a space port is anywhere where a vehicle has traveled to space. Human launched space ports include 6 in the world: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan; Cape Canaveral AFS, Florida, USA; Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA; Jiuquan, China; Edwads AFB, California, USA, and Mojave Air and Space Port, California, USA.

What the goal is here is to take Ellington International Airport and launch space transit vehicles to other like places. One potential place is Singapore, and with vehicles like the Virgin SpaceShip Two, Virgin Galactic, or XCOR Lynx, you could cut down that trip from 22 hours to 3 hours.

It’s not here yet, but the ideas are rolling in, something that could very well be in our lifetimes.

Ellington Spaceport Definitely Possible

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