April Fools Jokes Begin Around the NET

Every year, we get a slue of random jokes from many of the top tech firms out there on April 1st’s April Fools Day. Companies try to show their “fun” side as they joke around and just create some humor around the web. Google is notorious for doing this and does not spare any expense. It’s good PR for them and it sometimes stirs up ideas that people wouldn’t originally think about. Often times the jokes are repeated, but overall, it’s a bit of fun for April 1st. Google contributed quite a lot of them this year, releasing videos and product websites last night. Take a look at some finds.

Google Nose

I mean, Google really went out of their way this year. Look at all of these:

Google Treasure Map:

GMail Blue (bad stab at Microsoft):

Google Fiber to the Pole:

Google Levity Algorithm:

Google Wallet ATM:

Even reports about Linus Torvalds moving to lead the Microsoft Windows 9 project.

YouTube’s Closing after 8 years and no longer accepting videos:

Twitter Paid Service

Slashdot Hacked? Or Just Playing?

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