The Ability to Communicate in Information Technology

Pretty much everybody is involved with Information Technology (IT) somehow or another. In IT, most of us know that we live in a high demand industry that is growing exponentially. The simple fact is that computing power and global accessibility drive efficiency in the market place, and this is how the IT world continues to evolve. The market for IT has grown to measures beyond many others, building tiers that all compile a complex puzzle of what is the transfer of information and even more importantly the transfer of value (aka Money).

One of the things I find most interesting about IT is the number of people and the breadth of strengths in the industry. IT has amassed into an economically dominating market. We all sell and interact with electrons all day. Nearly every market place and industry now depends on some sort of computing technology, which draws in IT. And nearly every business now requires an online business card, in the form of a website. IT is becoming one with all industries, whether we like it or not…

IT consists of two things: 1) Complex Technologies, and 2) People to Understand and Interpret. As people in IT, we all serve a function, a piece, a specific ability that allows us to understand particular pieces, interpret, and grow our industry. The most important characteristic, is the ability to communicate these highly complex technologies. It is easily overlooked and gravely under supplied.

The ability to understand the basis of Computer Science is not easily attained. The world is very large and growing quickly. The bleeding edge will win in a race the second you look to the floor. More importantly, there are many people who understand Computer Science and the intricacies of IT. Understanding is half of the battle. Where the other half includes the ability to be logical, reason, quantify, and communicate complex issues at a much higher and abstract levels.

The ability to communicate is highly “underrated”. Although complex tasks can be performed by very smart people, the basis of quantifiable communication must always exist in the goal to provide superior Information Technology.

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