An Even More Efficient Light Created by Philips

Do you remember the day that people had theories of developing products that would break on purpose, so that you would continually have to buy a new one? That was a huge theory with incandescent light bulbs. Every three months or so, after half’s a day use, everyone would have to go out, purchase new bulbs, and replace. They have gotten a lot better closer to today of-course. Did you know that there are 2B light bulbs sold each year? All which cost about an average of 40 cents? Also at a 10% conversion to light proportion?

With the mass creation of florescent and LED lamps, these lamps are lasting significantly longer. Florescent’s can last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs where LED’s can last 5 times longer than florescent lamps. The costs associated with overall usage is pretty significant. But still an issue for most. Bulbs can break in many ways which often times isn’t factored into the cost. And with the initial costs at $5 to $30 a lamp. I have been experimenting and think that I am making the switch, slowly but surely. Just have to break all these incandescent’s.

There’s an even more energy efficient type of LED light that is being revealed, researched, and promoted. I encourage you to read more here: ‘Most energy-efficient’ LED light revealed by Philips

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