US Reduces Space Research, Russia Increases

As the United States has begun to reduce and continues to dismantle their space program in an aim to save money, it looks like Russia is increasing their research and investing even more money into their space program. But the United States hasn’t stopped anything, they are simply going in a less expensive direction, mainly focused on unmanned space launches and directly cooperating with business’ to launch unmanned and remote controlled space craft.

I don’t seem to see the goal that Russia, other than the “future of mankind”. Putin wants to begin building a station on the Moon, in an effort to build a path to Mars flights. Their moon base has a target of 2030. Do you think $50B will get them there?

It seems like the United States is taking a more sensible approach. Allowing more companies into the space arena, by paving the path of regulation and free market. The current initiatives in the US include building space travel passenger ships that drop travel time around the world to merely 3 hours (example Houston, TX to Singapore). I like the short term approach for now. I don’t see how a moon base helps in getting to Mars. Maybe the moon base is a more reachable goal to build a livable place off this world. Maybe the search should be in Terraforming Mars or the Moon? That will take several hundreds of years in the shortest of terms.

If we are going to build these space bases on the Moon and Mars, I ask why are we spending all this money to go so far, when we have the ocean with all this space already… Oh Space. Thoughts for the future.

Putin unveils $50 bn Russian space drive

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