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19 may

Patiently Waiting… or Impatiently, Makibox in June

**, 3D Graphics, Design, Hardware, Home Projects, Robotics

I am just taking a line straight out of John’s latest video update on the Makibox. Since February of 2012, I have been blogging about the Makibox, which will be one of the first 3D printers out for less than … Continue reading

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18 may

Waterproof Phones with the Sonly Xperia Z


Phone’s are breaking new limits. Seemless reflective surfaces, close to edge to edge Screen, and even better… Waterproof!! Still with NFC, 4.6 inch screen, full HD. This is what third party developers give to the market. Take a look.

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17 may

Screen Real-Estate – Why You Need 7 Monitors

*, 3D Graphics, Browsers, Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Google, Internet

Like I need to give you all a reason you need another monitor hooked up to your desktop… But just to give you one more reason, watch the videos below.

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16 may

Parking Lot to Hold Your Cash: MSFT, GOOG, AAPL

***,, Apple, Google, Internet, Microsoft, Mobility, News, Stock

The three major bellwethers in tech, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, some would even include Amazon, pull and push the trends in the tech industry. They dominate in the software on the web, the software on the client machines, the mobile … Continue reading

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16 may

Massive Extended Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3

**, Android, Electronics, Mobility

With the Galaxy S4 coming out, I honestly don’t think I’ll be making the switch. In-fact, I may be going double down into the Galaxy S3. About to travel, I’m worried about battery life, until I found this. a 7000mAh … Continue reading

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15 may

What is More Important When Finding an IT Job?

***, Companies, Rants

What is the most important thing when looking for an IT professional? Or to reverse it, when looking to get a job, what are the most important criteria to provide? It’s almost like real-estate, location, location, location… But in IT, … Continue reading

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14 may

“Samsung to Unveil 5G by 2020″, Wireless, and 4G

***, AT&T, Cloud Computing, Internet, Mobility, Rants, Samsung, Verizon

Samsung to unveil 5G by 2020, nearly 7 years away. Here is the sign of where technology sits today and what needs to be improved before we can achieve the next step in Wireless growth. Wireless internet has been a … Continue reading

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12 may

Installing Solar Panels with Hak5

*, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, Solar

Hak5 took on a new project. Installing Solar Panels.

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11 may

Microsoft in the Headlines – Windows 8, Nook

*, Electronics, Microsoft, Windows

Some interesting news on the Microsoft front. Looking at purchasing Nook. Windows 8 on the rise.

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10 may

If Cars Could Talk, We’d Avoid Accidents

*, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Mobility

A cool article I found here: When cars talk, this is what they’ll tell each other, tells us about how the next evolution in car technology, will be the ability for cars to communicate with each other, which could very … Continue reading

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