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9 may

Fire Breathing Piranha Plant – Super Mario Bros

*, Games, Hardware, Home Projects

Ha, this is too funny. Do you like Super Mario Brothers?

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8 may

Makibox 3D Printers Moving Through Beta Stage

***, 3D Graphics, Design, DIY, Electronics, Hardware, News, Robotics

It’s been a little longer than a year that Jon Buford and the Makibox team has begun their “kickstarter” type launch of the Makibox 3D printer, a 3D printer that you can purchase for just $200. There are other variations … Continue reading

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8 may

Google Pays Tribute to Saul Bass in Doodle

***, 3D Graphics, Companies, Design, Entertainment, Media, News, Photoshop

The reason why you spent a minute and twenty one seconds on Google’s homepage today? To celebrate the artwork in both film and graphic design done by Saul Bass. Today would have been his 93rd birthday and to realize who’s … Continue reading

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7 may

Hak5 Sharing Public Keys – Secure Connections

*, DIY, Hacking, howto, Internet, Linux

Sharing public keys is nothing new. It’s commonly used in securing Linux communications over SSH. Windows, Mac all use these same types of pairing communications. Another great basic. Another great reason why you should be following Hak5.

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7 may

Michael Mann Buys 14,962 and Makes 400k / Month

*, History, Internet, News

There was this story last year about a 45 year old man who bought 14,962 domain names in 24 hours. Now, they are paying dividends, about $400k a month. I’m not sure if the story is real, but take a … Continue reading

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5 may

LivingSocial Hacked, 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk

*, Companies, Hacking, Internet, News

LivingSocial hacked. You would be surprised at how many websites are not properly secured. I remember taking on a job for a DC pharmacy website. They stored credit cards and had injection code littered all over their site. It was … Continue reading

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4 may

Time Lapse Hockey to Basketball, Sports Screens

*, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Sports

Who doesn’t like a good sports game? And have you seen the size of the overhead displays? How do they transition stadiums from hockey to basketball? Take a look. And watch this cool video on how the screens are built.

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3 may

Domain Names and Outrageous Prices for Them!

***, Companies, Facebook, History, Internet, News

It was quite a long time ago that I reserved my very first domain name. I was young, an internet gamer, on IRC, and in the know. The very first domain I purchased was what housed my self-programmed competition network … Continue reading

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2 may

Warren Buffett Sends First Tweet, Gains Scores of Followers

**, Companies, Internet, News, Twitter

If you do not know about Warren Buffett, you must spend 30 minutes and read about him, start here. The $53.5B one of the richest people in the world, extremely conservative and very traditional, finally created a twitter account. He … Continue reading

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1 may

Free DNS Servers – World of Name Server Routing

***, Architecture, Clusters, Hardware, Internet, Programming

I typically do not have to spend so much time worrying about DNS servers. In a normal environment, there are interfaces and applications that make managing DNS extremely simple. The concept is quite simple, I wrote a blog post about … Continue reading

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