Movie Theatre Kiosks, No One Uses Them

It might just be where I live, but it seems that no one here uses ticket kiosks! When these things first came out, they seemed like the obvious choice over standing in line for a live person to get your tickets for you. There’s something about human nature though. It seems that people still prefer to interact with someone to get themselves what they need. Even if it is a 16 year old college kid on his first week of employment (I was once that person).

Today, I look at the long line at the ticket counter and then I see 6 ticket kiosks with absolutely no one standing there. It’s easy for me, but it seems that not everybody is ready to interact with a simple touch screen interface to purchase their tickets. It seems to be the same thing at work environments with systems like SharePoint, it is simply not natural for people to use. Other places, such as Airlines, you are forced to use a kiosk before even getting in line to check your baggage. Even that is skipped, with people checking in 24 hours before their flight to claim the seats of their choice. Wow, what high demand 24 hour check-in is these days!

Well I still have faith in humans, they just might be a little slower than I would like… “to the future”

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  1. evan says:

    they are always broken when we try to use them, turned off, or one is only operational.

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