My New Favorite Editor: Notepad++ with Explorer

I’ve for such a long time been a purist fan of PSPad. I’ve literally used it for most of my programming life. And it still worked perfectly and I’ll continue to use it for time to come. But I’ve had another love in my life and they both began to share in the glory of my figures and syntactical style. The new love is Notepad++, not surprisingly.


Notepad++ adds a different element with it’s uniquely styled (Bespin is my favorite, with Courier New font) color highlighters. It’s a bit more complete and adds some additional functions that I love. You keep the “Find in Files”, you have automatic word highlighting when searching and matching, and you have Plugins! The one condition for me to switch from PSPad to Notepad++ 100% was the Explorer plugin that I am incredibly used to coming from PSPad.

Two other important features, lightweight and portable.

These are both for Windows and remain and will always be great Windows script editors.

Notepad++ Tips and Tricks:

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