Review of JOBS Movie

There is no way that you can deny Steven Jobs and his ability to create the most valuable company in the world. This past weekend, the movie about Steve Jobs and Apple Computer, starring Ashton Kutcher, came out, and it was a sure item on my list of movies to watch. Ashton Kutcher, WOW! looked and played the part. He did an amazing job. You notice Ashton’s quirks in the role, but overall, he stepped outside of his norms and made something fantastic. You should see how he looks as Steve Jobs in his old age.

That said, I feel that the writing was weak. They didn’t really get into the true beginning or the true ends. They stayed on the surface of what the true story of what Steve Jobs really was. I was frustrated that they did not spend more time on the beginning uprisings of Apple and how Apple Computers became the most valuable company in the world (over Exxon Mobile) before he passed.

There were a lot of very slow moments and lacked dramatization. Knowing the story, I feel that they could have emphasized the successes and emphasized the failures. They missed the relationships with his personal life. They missed the real way that they created the name and the story behind it! I feel over all, what lacked most, was the writing….

These guys literally said everything that I thought, give this a watch.

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