New iPad (Generation 5) Parts Comparison

The next generation Apple iPad (gen 5) is expected to be announced this fall, previously rumored for September 10, but rumors now show this announcement is exclusively iPhone 5S with another announcement for new iPads in October.

iPad (5th gen)

iPad (gen 5)

What you can expect Apple to announce later is a thinner and lighter iPad with dual speakers. What’s most interesting is this first hands look at how much of a stark contrast between the new iPad (gen 5) compared to the previous generation.┬áThis side by side fully assembled parts comparison really profiles how Apple was able to make the new iPad so much thinner and narrow. Be sure to take a look at this quick video:

Apple is also expected to announce the much anticipated next generation iPad Mini with retina display, which means it’ll have a much sharper display at 326 pixels per inch resolution. Currently, the current iPad Mini (gen 1) sits at a measly 163 pixels per inch.

Other than reduced weight and width for the new iPad (gen 5) there will be many new internal updates between the new iPad and its mini counter part including faster processor, more system memory, larger flash memory (storage) and better camera to name a few.

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