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17 sep

Server Maintenance – Migration Beginning

News, Site Related

Looks like a couple of failed Hard Drives. And that’s why we invented redundancy! Give me about a day or so to get loaded onto the new server. At some point we will load balance, but we are not there … Continue reading

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16 sep

Server Maintenance – Please Bear With Me

News, Site Related

Hi Everyone, I wanted to apologize for the site going down today. I know some of you use some of the toolbox items for work, so again I wanted to apologize! We are getting some pretty decent and regular visitors … Continue reading

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15 sep

Human Endused Climate Control Not a Concern?

**, History, News, Space

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the up and coming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) “fifth assessment report” which should be published on September 27th. Like a lot of things these days, the preliminary reports have already … Continue reading

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13 sep

Could You Control Your Car with Your Brain?

***, Google

With all the news coming out and all of the technologies rolling out, many have speculated on the ability to allow your car to drive for you. In addition to being able to get into your car without a key, … Continue reading

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11 sep

Apple Announces iPhone 5S with Touch ID and iPhone 5C with Colors

**, Apple, Electronics, iPhone, Mobility, News

Apple announced a couple new iPhones this week: iPhone 5S starting at $199 with two year contract or $649 without contract and iPhone 5C starting at $99 with two year contract or $549 without contract. There was a lot of … Continue reading

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10 sep

True Privacy Still Exists – Google Validating This

*, Google, Hacking, Internet, News, Programming

Privacy still exists. You know why? Because when you understand the actual interworkings of the systems, you can implement and integrate true security that, although nobody is probably following, your online world is very difficult to crack. The real issue … Continue reading

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7 sep

Monitor Your Driving Behavior with State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save Program

***, Car Computing, Electronics

This weekend, I plugged in a little wireless module into my vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port (OBDII) underneath my steering wheel for the purpose of joining State Farm’s driving monitoring program called “Drive Safe & Save”, which offers up to 50% off my insurance premium … Continue reading

6 sep

Hiding IT From Family and Friends

**, beer, Companies, Hardware, Office

How true is this? Now and days I don’t get asked all that much to help out with an IT thing here or there. I’ve made it pretty clear that I spend every waking second dealing with IT, so when … Continue reading

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5 sep

Xbox One – Madden 25 Demo – NFL is Here!

*, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Hardware, Microsoft, News

What a great day to be in existence. The NFL begins today and as a tribute, I have posted some very cool Madden 25 previews done on the Xbox One. Take a look at these graphics, it’s really something else.

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4 sep

2013 Richest Tech Moguls: Gates, Ellison, Bezos

***,, Apple, Companies, eBay, Facebook, Google, Internet, Microsoft, News, Stock

It’s pretty interesting to track down the Forbes richest people list. The markets are always fluctuating and peoples assets tend to shift from time to time. On this report, I’ll be reviewing the tech moguls, so here we go. # … Continue reading

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