Sharktank Cycloramic Panoramic App

Some people tell me that this is the best Sharktank invention ever. I tend to agree. It uses already existing technology that can be transferred over a network that is highly difficult to calculate and makes a new practical use. I think Mark Cuban just bought a genius is what he did.

Shark Tank Episode 80 “Cow Wow” Season 5

Old Video – Removed…

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2 Responses to Sharktank Cycloramic Panoramic App

  1. Jim says:

    Hey Phil,

    FYI: Your SharkTank video isn’t playable anymore (in this country apparently). Maybe you can provide season/episode number so we can look it up.
    Also, the cool video of an unintentional loop made by an F-35 taking off of an aircraft carrier is not real military but just a neat trick in a video game (Battlefield 2 based on the YouTube comments).

    Thanks and keep posting!
    Jim Smith

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