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18 oct

Explaining CakePHP – Overall Whiteboard View

***, Architecture, CakePHP, Databases, Design, Internet, Linux, Office

I was explaining and teaching someone CakePHP the other day. Naturally, a whiteboard gets used to share the overall view of the system. The specific version was CakePHP 1.2. And since I did this work, I thought I should share … Continue reading

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24 sep

Importance of Ticketing Systems in App Dev

***, Architecture, Office, Rants

Ticketing Systems are extremely important in IT environments! In many places it’s pretty easy to find a single developer who is in charge of several requirements and development roles, where they are deploying or releasing an application that happens to … Continue reading

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22 sep

How Has Facebook Scaled? Largest PHP / MySQL Site

***, Architecture, Databases, Facebook, Hardware, Internet, Twitter

Facebook has far proven to become the largest PHP and MySQL site on the internet. But don’t let it fool you, there are many systems that comprise in Facebooks world, and Java, C++, and other languages all play a part … Continue reading

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29 aug

Good Job on Traffic – Knocking me Down

**, Architecture, Clusters, Hacking, Hardware, Internet, News

Thank you all for all the traffic guys (and gals). I have to deal with server maintenance more than ever over the past months. It’s a good problem to have. This site is not load balanced yet, but I’m starting … Continue reading

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20 aug

IT Granularity – The Need of Business / Systems Analysts

***, Architecture, Companies, Rants

Granularity is an often overlooked subject in the IT world. The world of scope definition is only as good as how granular you can define that scope. Too many times in the IT world people overlook granularity. It is extremely … Continue reading

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13 aug

HTML Abstraction Markup Language – Haml

***, Architecture, DIY, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

You would think that the evolution of HTML is heading towards HTML5 and you would be thinking correctly. But there is another trend that Many, if not Most Web Programmers barely even scratch the surface of. HTML is a very … Continue reading

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30 jul

Challenging Yourself at an IT Position

***, Architecture, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Office, Rants

Oh boy, do I have an ego or something else. It seems that every position I hold these days, I cannot seem to find a position that challenges me enough! With any profession, once you delve into the world of … Continue reading

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29 jul

Load Testing Your Public Websites Online

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, DIY, Internet, Linux

If you have a website that you anticipate many hits on, or if you have scripts that you are unsure can handle the pressure, it’s good to run a load test. Load testing is basically a way of virtually spinning … Continue reading

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22 jul

Tornado, Flood, Fire, Hurricane Proof Homes

**, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Design, Home Projects, Robotics

It makes so much logical sense. How do you protect your home from all of the disasters out in this world? Why not put it on Hydrolic lifts and bury it. If there is a disaster coming your way, lets … Continue reading

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12 jul

IT Professionals with Poor Communication Skills

***, Architecture, Companies, Entertainment, Internet, Office, Rants

I feel like this should be an ever evolving subject. IT seems to attract those who can think in one part of their brain but not the other. Communication skills are extraordinarily valuable when providing a service. My particular issue … Continue reading

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