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18 feb

Ubuntu Tablet to be Announced After Several Tab Hacks

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It seems like the mobile strategy for Ubuntu is well on its way, well earlier than previously thought, the Ubuntu Tablet is rumored to peek it’s head in the next coming weeks, a lot of people saying as early as … Continue reading

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15 feb

Technology Innovations that are Driving the Future

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There are many things that cars come with today, standard. ABS, stability, power wheel / brakes, and much more. Many cars offer automatic parallel parking, traction control, automatic braking, snow driving mode, power driving mode, and all sorts of things. … Continue reading

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5 feb

Toyota Fun V-11 Concept Car that Changes Color

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Cars have a lot of very cool things these days. We are inserting computing technology into absolutely everything, and cars are an easy target, despite the lower turnover compared to other electronics. Toyota came out with this concept car recently, … Continue reading

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8 dec

SmartPhone Mirroring to In Car Dash Screen

***, Android, Car Computing, DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, iPhone

Why have I been spending so much time thinking of finding Galaxy 7 Tablets and tablets similar which I can just place right into my double din in car dash unit? I’ve spent time thinking about how to provide internet … Continue reading

29 nov

In-Dash Car Navigation Units vs Smart Phones and Tablets

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Why is it that every time you go buy a car, new or used, it seems that the navigation units are antiquated? I think the single most frustrating thing about cars today are the lack of advancements in the in-dash … Continue reading

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24 sep

Install Samsung Galaxy SIII in Your Car Dash

*, Android, Car Computing, DIY, Electronics, Google, Hardware, Samsung

Now we are thinking. I have posted this idea many times before, but someone has actually done a slight implementation of this with a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I still feel that these phones are somehow going to become an integral … Continue reading

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13 aug

Google’s Motorola Cuts 20% (4000 Jobs)

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This is another great story, very well done by Newsy. After Google bought Motorola for $12B, we have now seen an entirely new shift in focus to the structure of the company. Google must have some serious plans to enter … Continue reading

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14 jul

Danger While Driving – How to Automate Safety

*, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Mobility

MIT has been working on a project in the realm of automated car safety. A very cool concept that if, while driving, the car detects a level of dangerous and unsafe driving path ahead, the car will read and automatically … Continue reading

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9 jul

Video Radar for your Car – Entirely in C#

**, C++, Car Computing, Electronics, Hardware

If you are into gadgets, you may like to add new and easy to use systems to your home theater system. Upgrade your home network with the latest network technologies? Or maybe you like to add radar detectors with CB … Continue reading

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11 jun

Geo Caching: The World Wide Scavenger Hunt

***, Car Computing, DIY, Entertainment, Games, Internet, Mobility

I learned about geo caching today and was doing a bit of research. It’s quite bigger than I thought it was. Basically, people all over the world hide small and large objects for others to find, a cache. The object … Continue reading

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