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24 apr

2x 27-Inch Monitor Upgrade – Dell U2711 Ultrasharp

DIY, eBay, Electronics, Hardware, Home Projects, howto

About a month ago, I began diving into what I would do for a desktop upgrade. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve upgraded my desktop PC and I figured I needed something big! My desktop has 8 GB of … Continue reading

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5 oct

Apple iPhone’s and iPad Release Madness

Android, Apple, eBay, Google, Guest Posts, iPad, iPhone

@Brian, I know where Phil is coming from. He’s just amused by what the media demanded to be announced than what Apple had planned all along. This is the first time the so called “tech analysts” and “industry sources” got … Continue reading

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23 sep

The New HP CEO, Meg Whitman

eBay, Hardware

Guess who’s the new CEO for HP? Princeton and Harvard grad, former CEO of eBay, and republican candidate for the Governor of California, it’s Meg Whitman ready to keep shaping this world. A lot of people criticize her work done … Continue reading

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20 aug

HP Touchpads – Firesale, Put 1 in the Bathroom

Android, eBay, Google, Hardware, Internet

With the announcement that HP will be discontinuing webOS, HP Touchpads are on a fire sale, and well basically sold out. Sorry. At $99 a tablet, it seems that anyone would take the deal. Use it for a year and … Continue reading

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9 jul

How to Position Yourself for a Google+ Account

Chrome, eBay, Facebook, Google

Google+ is all the rage these past couple weeks. And after being open for a very short time, it’s field test is now over capacity. About a week ago, users could sign up by downloading the Chrome Plus App from … Continue reading

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20 jun

Used MacBook Pro Fixup!

Apple, eBay, Hardware, Home Projects, Mac

I’m a sucker for creating value out of electronics. I built my XBox 360 years ago for about $140, at the time they were selling for $299. I’m always building PC’s. I recently fixed up a Dell Studio 17, paid … Continue reading

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28 may

Amazon is kicking Ebay’s Arse!, eBay, Electronics, Internet

I’m an avid eBay’er. Equally an avid Amazon’er. But this is just embarrassing now. Amazon is kicking eBay’s ass. I went out electronics shopping today on eBay and I’m stuck paying twice as much for the same thing that I … Continue reading

24 may

Asus Eee Transformer – iPad Competition?

Android, ASUS, eBay, Hardware, iPad

Ok, one of my favorite companies out there is Asus. I’ve been buying their boards (motherboards) for a very long time. Since then, they’ve also entered the PC market with Windows and Linux Laptops. They offer a great product for … Continue reading

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19 apr

QR Codes are physically inside of your computer

eBay, Hardware, QR Codes

I just replaced my laptop’s keyboard and discovered something pretty cool. I was having trouble using the keyboard in dark rooms, so I went out to eBay and picked up a quick replacement, with a backlight on it. I openned … Continue reading

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10 apr

Upgrade Laptop RAM from 4GB to 8GB for $30

**, eBay, Electronics, Hardware

RAM is cheap. Wow, it’s been real nice. Add a couple monitors to your system, heck add 4. Load up 4 virtual machines, keep all your applications stored in RAM at all times, or even save power, by putting your … Continue reading

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