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24 jul

Developing with # Marks in Your URL Address

HTML5/CSS3, Twitter

As the web world continues to granulate and become ever more complex with routing, client side scripting, and communication, the shape of how we use URL’s continues to extend. It’s very common to see these pound marks in URL’s which … Continue reading

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5 jul

Social Media is for Losers

Facebook, Google, Internet, LinkedIn, Twitter

Thanks Dave for sharing this with me. ha! I like how he mentions Google Plus.

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5 jul

RockMelt Social Web Browser

Browsers, Chrome, Facebook, Google, Twitter

We are all already on Social Media sites anyways. We all either keep these websites open in their own tabs, which stay open as we cycle through them. So why not taken an open source browser and plug these features … Continue reading

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1 jun

Twitter Adds HTTPS, but LinkedIn Gets Disconnected

LinkedIn, Twitter

Now that so many people are hopping on the internet and often times shared networks, many websites are jumping on the band-wagon of enabling encryption to protect your data. On these public networks, it’s become easier and easier to hijack … Continue reading

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13 may

Prey – Track your devices online

Android, Internet, Linux, Mac, Twitter, Windows

If you’ve ever lost your phone, you might appreciate this piece of software here. A couple of weeks back, I was out of town and lost my phone. I didn’t have any software like this installed, either. I’m glad I … Continue reading

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18 apr

2011 Startup Weekend at Baltimore Completed

Hack-a-thon, News, Twitter

Wow, what a weekend. I’d really like to congradulate everybody at #BaltSW this weekend. Meeting and socializing with everybody there really made the event something special. I saw a lot of amazing ideas and saw some amazing team work to … Continue reading

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31 jan

Tech Spin on Egypt Protests

***, Chrome, News, Twitter

Egypt is blowing up the news, and technology has been right in the middle of it. As seen with the Gaza war, social media has been centering the stage for what the public sees. In Egypt, the government attempted to … Continue reading