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19 may

Patiently Waiting… or Impatiently, Makibox in June

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I am just taking a line straight out of John’s latest video update on the Makibox. Since February of 2012, I have been blogging about the Makibox, which will be one of the first 3D printers out for less than … Continue reading

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8 may

Makibox 3D Printers Moving Through Beta Stage

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It’s been a little longer than a year that Jon Buford and the Makibox team has begun their “kickstarter” type launch of the Makibox 3D printer, a 3D printer that you can purchase for just $200. There are other variations … Continue reading

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8 apr

Solar Powered and Remote Controlled Lawn Mowers

*, DIY, Hardware, Robotics, Solar

Yeah, I don’t have land yet, but I will eventually. When I do, I hardly see myself as the “mowing the grass” type of guy. I think I will see myself as the guy in the garage, hooking up a … Continue reading

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10 mar

Makerbot Replicator 2 – Demonstration and Ads

*, 3D Graphics, Design, DIY, Hacking, Robotics

Makerbot’s have been around since about 2009, which makes it only about 4 years. They allow you to 3D print on many types of plastic, creating things such as Phone cases, game pieces, and much more. There has been a … Continue reading

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28 feb

Breaking News!! Remove Core Filling of Important Cover

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This is absolutely ridiculous, which is why it is here. It looks like it’s completely Nabisco sponsored as well, which further proves the reality that is YouTube and Internet marketing truly is. Love it!

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10 feb

Romo Smartphone Robot, Using your iPhone

**, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPad, iPhone, Robotics

The Romo Smartphone Robot begins to shed light into some of the future technologies that may come out over the next couple of years. First… what a great idea. Take an existing mobile phone that is used by a significant … Continue reading

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9 jan

Re: Sound Bottle – Record Your World Musically

*, Electronics, Hardware, Media, Robotics

Electronic music is becoming more and more popular. It’s put into pop songs, rap / hip-hop, rock, and even country style’s. You can create very unique sounds and combinations with the right amount of work. And a lot of those … Continue reading

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7 jan

LEGO’s with Brains – Mindstorms EV3 @ CES 2013

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LEGO’s have dominated the build toy market for quite some time, and they have been taking things even further, more advanced, more technical, and more functional. Lego’s are an essential part of beginning to build complex toys. You can also … Continue reading

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6 jan

Nerf Gun Motion Sensor Auto Home Defense

*, DIY, Electronics, Games, Hardware, Home Projects, howto, Robotics

Ha, this is kind of funny. These guys build a Do it Yourself (DIY) on how to build a motion sensing nerf gun attack system. It wasn’t as fast as I thought it would have been, but it is quite … Continue reading

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3 jan

A Hovering Dragon Fly Robot from Tech Jet

**, Electronics, Entertainment, Hardware, Media, Robotics, Space

If you have seen all those drone helicopters, I have something at a whole new level. Modeling after a dragon fly, this robot will fly with it’s own wings, wiki, video recorder, gps, and much more. This project initially was … Continue reading

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