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13 mar

Video Game Reboots, Repeat History for New Ideas

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Like movies, video games have been rebooting. Like colors used on a website, cycle the colors through to keep a fresh brand. Same goes with design concepts, the same thing for food. It is a full circle. But movies and … Continue reading

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12 mar

Dad Hacks ‘Donkey Kong’ for Daughter to Play as Female

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Hacking old games for those close to you. It is not all that difficult, with the basic understanding of packaging and computer knowledge, anything is in a way, hackable. Especially those legacy games, we all can easily get into those … Continue reading

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6 mar

The New Video Game Console: Valve Steam Box

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Both Microsoft and Sony have announced their plans to release both the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 by the end of 2013. What is surprising and all of the sudden, is the sudden hat in the ring, from the ever … Continue reading

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6 jan

Nerf Gun Motion Sensor Auto Home Defense

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Ha, this is kind of funny. These guys build a Do it Yourself (DIY) on how to build a motion sensing nerf gun attack system. It wasn’t as fast as I thought it would have been, but it is quite … Continue reading

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8 dec

Demo Your iOS App Within a Web Browser

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Developers have an awesome new way to share and test their latest iOS apps that are still in development. Simply upload your local app that you’re building in zip format to and they will provide you with a link … Continue reading

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22 nov

Nintendo Wii to Lead in New Generation Gaming

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Nintendo is now raising the stakes. In a world where gaming used to release consoles every two years or so, now with the new Nintendo, this will be a 6 year release cycle. To keep the money rolling in these … Continue reading

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23 aug

Piracy: Ubisoft Claims Rate of 93-95% for F2P

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Ubisoft is a company that I have watched for quite some time, producing and owing some of the video games that I love the most. If you follow much, I’m not a huge gamer. I have most of my time … Continue reading

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24 jun

Frog’s can also Play on iPhone’s

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If you have a pet frog, they can also play iPhone games. But be careful…

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11 jun

Geo Caching: The World Wide Scavenger Hunt

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I learned about geo caching today and was doing a bit of research. It’s quite bigger than I thought it was. Basically, people all over the world hide small and large objects for others to find, a cache. The object … Continue reading

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10 jun

Minesweeper Lotto Tickets? Ha!

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Now, now … don’t get your hopes too high. I’m not a huge lotto ticket person, but if I had to choose, I would likely choose something that could be a little fun, like Minesweeper. Anyone who has owned a … Continue reading

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