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6 jun

Apple News Across Newsy

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Lots of new Apple news, all condensed into one:

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7 may

Hak5 Sharing Public Keys – Secure Connections

*, DIY, Hacking, howto, Internet, Linux

Sharing public keys is nothing new. It’s commonly used in securing Linux communications over SSH. Windows, Mac all use these same types of pairing communications. Another great basic. Another great reason why you should be following Hak5.

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5 may

LivingSocial Hacked, 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk

*, Companies, Hacking, Internet, News

LivingSocial hacked. You would be surprised at how many websites are not properly secured. I remember taking on a job for a DC pharmacy website. They stored credit cards and had injection code littered all over their site. It was … Continue reading

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19 apr

Crossover Cables and Direct Connections

**, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware

I am not sure that many people think about how to hook up two computers together directly. Back in the day, this was very popular because it was rare that people had internal Switches and Routers to handle their internal … Continue reading

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28 mar

The Windows 8 Media PC with a New SSD

***, Electronics, Entertainment, Hacking, Hardware, Home Projects, Internet, Internet Explorer, Media, Microsoft, Netflix, News, Windows

If you have been following this week, you have heard about my tragic Western Digital Drive failing. Lol, I am just kidding, these things happen all the time, and my Media PC got a good and solid 3 years out … Continue reading

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20 mar

Build Your Own Free VPN Server in Minutes

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Companies, DIY, Hacking, howto, Internet

We talk a lot about VPN’s and reverse proxies over here at this blog. Understanding them may not be on your priority list, but once understood, you can really begin to realize how beneficial setting up tunneling to different networks … Continue reading

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12 mar

Dad Hacks ‘Donkey Kong’ for Daughter to Play as Female

*, Entertainment, Games, Hacking, History, News

Hacking old games for those close to you. It is not all that difficult, with the basic understanding of packaging and computer knowledge, anything is in a way, hackable. Especially those legacy games, we all can easily get into those … Continue reading

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10 mar

Makerbot Replicator 2 – Demonstration and Ads

*, 3D Graphics, Design, DIY, Hacking, Robotics

Makerbot’s have been around since about 2009, which makes it only about 4 years. They allow you to 3D print on many types of plastic, creating things such as Phone cases, game pieces, and much more. There has been a … Continue reading

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27 feb

3 Types of Software Engineers, Architects, and Developers

***, 3D Graphics, Architecture, Design, DIY, Hacking, Internet, Programming

I typically have 3 types of audiences reading my blog: the Curious Conformist, the Evangelist, and the Ultra-Nerd programmer / hacker / DIY’er. Here are the three characters I believe read: Ultra-Nerd Programmer / Hacker / DIY’er: Raised an untrained, … Continue reading

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24 feb

Create a VPN Using Your Home Network

**, Cloud Computing, DIY, Electronics, Hacking, Hardware, Internet

Proxies are common ways to encrypt your traffic and make it more difficult for others to find out what you are doing online. There are many services online where you can use proxies, for a cost, to mask your traffic … Continue reading

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