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11 jun

AMD’s Rumored New Processors at 5GHz and 8-Core

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For many years, AMD provided great competition to Intel for processor units. They provided cheaper solutions with a few less integrated algorithms, but were sufficient enough to spread to many computer builders and businesses. Intel held strong, continuing to be … Continue reading

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4 jun

IBM to Purchase SoftLayer – Internet Hosting Company

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I have hosted through SoftLayer for some time now, even before the name was SoftLayer, The Planet, and Rack Shack. Well today, SoftLayer was purchased by IBM, which means, now all of my hosting accounts are owned by IBM. Amazing … Continue reading

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3 jun

Intel Processors From Speed to Efficiency

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The new Haswell processors are reported to be 50% more efficient than the Ivy Bridge processors. Which means your device will operate much longer with a Haswell chip in it. Intel is dominating the market and competitors such as AMD … Continue reading

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31 may

Bridge Your Wireless Connection via Ad-Hoc

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We ran into a hotel today that did not offer wireless internet. And with these Ultrabooks I carry around, they each don’t have the Ethernet plug readily available (Samsung Series 9 and Macbook Air). Fortunately, I had the adapter for … Continue reading

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28 may

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S4 – Should You Upgrade?

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While in Romania, there were vast number of Samsung stores, more so than Apple “Authorized Retailer’s”. The Ad’s were plentiful and they all consisted of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So, I decided to stop by and compare my S3 to … Continue reading

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11 may

Microsoft in the Headlines – Windows 8, Nook

*, Electronics, Microsoft, Windows

Some interesting news on the Microsoft front. Looking at purchasing Nook. Windows 8 on the rise.

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7 may

Hak5 Sharing Public Keys – Secure Connections

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Sharing public keys is nothing new. It’s commonly used in securing Linux communications over SSH. Windows, Mac all use these same types of pairing communications. Another great basic. Another great reason why you should be following Hak5.

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30 apr

Micro-Touch Trackpad’s like Apple for Windows

***, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Mac, Windows

In the world of peripherals, innovation and new can be expensive, tough sales, and resisted against. It’s something that Apple has done quite well with. One of the best and prime examples of a success, has been Apple’s trackpad. It’s … Continue reading

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24 apr

Perfect 16GB, i7 Ultrabook Laptop: Samsung Series 9

***, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, Samsung, Windows

On April 15th, I posted about what I had thought to be the perfect laptop. I was looking at 32GB ThinkPad’s, which were going for around $2,000 – $2,500. But as I looked over at my Macbook Air, it did … Continue reading

23 apr

Microsoft Windows 8 Returning with the Start Button

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I have been doing my fair share of Windows 8 experimentations, mostly with my Media Center. For the media center, it has worked well. I have found my way around the hidden programs menus and being able to make control … Continue reading

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