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15 apr

PHP Beautifier Code Available on GitHub

**, DIY, PHP

Many of you guys have asked for this. And because I cannot and haven’t been able to get to improving the code myself, I have put the PHP Array Beautifier code out on GitHub. Please fork and check back in. … Continue reading

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25 mar

Overuse of the Term: Software Architect!

***, Architecture, Clusters, Design, OS, PHP, Programming, Rants

The term “Software Architect” has been widely blown up over the past 10 to 15 years in the job market. But lately it has widely spread to the small business market, almost out of control. I would say, more times … Continue reading

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25 feb

CEO Friday: Why Not to Hire C# Developers

***, .NET MVC, C++, ColdFusion, Entertainment, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Objective-C, PHP, Ruby, Windows

Hold on just a second. These are not my words. Exactly two years ago, this post came out, explaining why over at Expensify, they do not hire C# Programmers. Not because they were not talented, not because they are Microsoft … Continue reading

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17 feb

MongoDB and WordPress, PHP, SDLC, and Others

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Databases, Internet, Linux, PHP

With all the cloud software out there,, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and others, it feels like the days of RSYNC and ROBOCOPY may be coming up against some stiff competition. RSYNC is the premiere way to transfer files to … Continue reading

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10 sep

Get Started, with Pre-Processing Websites, Today

**, Design, DIY, Internet, PHP, Programming

There is a lot that goes on with websites, computers, technology overall. Layers and layers of skills and areas of study, but it can get easy as you learn each compartment of a technology stack individually. So, if you are … Continue reading

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29 aug

.NET MVC4 Released, Popular, Rapidly Dominating

***, .NET MVC, CakePHP, Internet, Java, Microsoft, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Windows

If anything, Microsoft is big on consistency and adopting to new technologies, no matter how long it takes. 6 Years after Ruby on Rails was first introduced (2005), Microsoft has released a true MVC framework .NET MVC3 which took center … Continue reading

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7 aug

XAMPP Finally Struts Some Updates v3.0.2

***, Apple, Google, Internet, Microsoft, PHP

How many times have you had to setup Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl? If you are a reader, I hope that you have had to do this several times. If not, keep reading, because when you do have to at some … Continue reading

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17 jul

My Work Taskbar – 26+ Applications at Once

***, Android, Chrome, ColdFusion, Databases, Design, Firefox, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, Photoshop, PHP, Windows

Above and to the right are straight screen shots of what one of my workstations looks like. It’s almost no wonder that these days many of us require much more than 8GB of RAM. It seems that I am all … Continue reading

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21 feb

Sublime Text Editor – The Best Ever?

C++, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Java, JavaScript, Linux, Mac, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Windows

Text Editors are extremely important to the web developer. And it’s important for programmers, specifically web programmers to be well versed in all Windows, Mac, and Linux environments. It’s also very easy to get stuck on one particular environment, where … Continue reading

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28 oct

Node.js Tutorial – Step by Step HowTo

ColdFusion, Google, Internet, JavaScript, PHP

I’ve been meaning to implement Node.js with my Tetris game, so I went out looking for some tutorials. This is the one I think I’ll go ahead and use. Node.js is server side JavaScript. Server Side scripting with back-end JavaScript … Continue reading

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