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11 jul

Plastic Replicators in Every Household by 2025?

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With the huge shift of 3D printers, the amazing drops in price, can you imagine the future? By 2025, would it be possible for every household to have a plastic 3D printer, sitting next to their microwave? Do you need … Continue reading

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6 jul

Using Multi-Redundant Cloud Services: Box, Dropbox

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I have been using Dropbox for sometime now. It’s fantastic, I have regular file syncs across all of my computers (trust me, I have many computers), internet access when I am on a work laptop, and complete sense of security … Continue reading

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1 jul

Developers: Application Programmers vs Software Engineers

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I feel that there are very large differences between particular types of roles in the Information Technology world. It’s often times confused and misrepresented, so I’d like to clear this particular comparison up a little bit. There are many people … Continue reading

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18 jun

Tracks: Developers, Network Administrators, Systems Analysists, and Architects

***, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Internet, News, Office, Programming, Rants

The computer science world offers many options and tracks that allow career growth and progression through computational growth. What I have mostly seen, has been the divide between two camps: born developers and system administrators. In many organizations, there tends … Continue reading

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16 jun

Come Home From Work, Family / Friend Requests

***, Rants, Site Related

Oh boy, this is such a great subject. It’s touchy and it crosses into the realm of boundary issues. I’ll give you my personal take. I probably work more than I should. I must, if it’s available, I will continue … Continue reading

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14 jun

Movie Theatre Kiosks, No One Uses Them

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It might just be where I live, but it seems that no one here uses ticket kiosks! When these things first came out, they seemed like the obvious choice over standing in line for a live person to get your … Continue reading

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12 jun

Being in the Position, Makes You the Most Qualified

***, Companies, Entrepreneurship, Internet, Office, Rants

“Being in the Position, Makes You the Most Qualified” – Quote was created by myself. It’s a quote that I regularly run into doing contract work. Contract work is typically the practice of serving others for specific tasks, basically for … Continue reading

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10 jun

3D Auto-Cad Automatically Via Kintinuous

***, 3D Graphics, Rants

There has been some amazing things coming out in the world of 3D: 3D Web Graphics allow our browsers to play video games without even downloading and installing software. 3D Printing has taken retail stores as the first real “Replicators” … Continue reading

29 may

IT Demand Incredibly High – Not just the USA

***, Architecture, Companies, Databases, Internet, Microsoft, Office, Programming, Rants

I got the chance to check out the Microsoft and Oracle buildings in Romania, check out the scenes, and take some pictures (below). I also got a chance to talk to an IT professional here over a 3 hour game … Continue reading

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15 may

What is More Important When Finding an IT Job?

***, Companies, Rants

What is the most important thing when looking for an IT professional? Or to reverse it, when looking to get a job, what are the most important criteria to provide? It’s almost like real-estate, location, location, location… But in IT, … Continue reading

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