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14 may

“Samsung to Unveil 5G by 2020″, Wireless, and 4G

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Samsung to unveil 5G by 2020, nearly 7 years away. Here is the sign of where technology sits today and what needs to be improved before we can achieve the next step in Wireless growth. Wireless internet has been a … Continue reading

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2 apr

The Ability to Communicate in Information Technology

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Pretty much everybody is involved with Information Technology (IT) somehow or another. In IT, most of us know that we live in a high demand industry that is growing exponentially. The simple fact is that computing power and global accessibility … Continue reading

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27 mar

The Real Deal with Machine Performance in IT

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I have done contract work at many places and it seems that a common theme exists. Save pennies, take them from the hardware, the workstations, the servers, the lunch breaks, the travel, and the vacation. But so many people get … Continue reading

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25 mar

Overuse of the Term: Software Architect!

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The term “Software Architect” has been widely blown up over the past 10 to 15 years in the job market. But lately it has widely spread to the small business market, almost out of control. I would say, more times … Continue reading

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