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22 oct

Network Solutions – Down Again!

*, Architecture, Cloud Computing, Clusters, Internet

In two months, Network Solutions has gone down twice due to DOS attacks. Knocking down several websites. If you use them, switch off… You have many other choices out there. Using Network Solutions and for your DNS hosting is … Continue reading

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21 oct

Book Claims Al Gore Got Tipsy, Almost Bought Twitter

*, beer, Entertainment, News, Twitter

lol, Al Core invented and has done everything!

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16 oct

Windows 8.1 To be Released Tomorrow!

*, 3D Graphics, Browsers, Internet, Microsoft, News, Windows

Will the Start Menu ever disappear? Here it will be coming back with Windows 8.1. I am convinced that Microsoft changes them so drastically just so that you have to change back, maybe you get confused, lose your serial number … Continue reading

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9 oct

Fox News’ New Studio Is Equipped With Huge Tablets

*, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Microsoft, News, Office, Windows

Pretty cool enormous tablets. Reported to be large Microsoft Surface devices to surf social media with plenty of space to monitor everything.

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5 oct

Facebookville: Social Network Plans to Build Company Town

*, Cloud Computing, Facebook, Internet, News

It’s been attempted before, why do I feel that this one would have a bit more luck? Maybe because the entire premise around Facebook is being social in the first place.

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3 oct

Tom Clancy No Longer With Us

*, 3D Graphics, Entertainment, Games, History, Internet, News

At only 66, Tom Clancy is no longer with us. The mastermind behind one of the first game loves of my life, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. Wow that was some time ago. The most realistic version of a first person … Continue reading

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21 sep

iOS 7 Bug Bypasses iPhone’s Lockscreen to Make Calls

*, Apple, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, News

Bugs already? No way… sounds like normal software releases.

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10 sep

True Privacy Still Exists – Google Validating This

*, Google, Hacking, Internet, News, Programming

Privacy still exists. You know why? Because when you understand the actual interworkings of the systems, you can implement and integrate true security that, although nobody is probably following, your online world is very difficult to crack. The real issue … Continue reading

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5 sep

Xbox One – Madden 25 Demo – NFL is Here!

*, 3D Graphics, Electronics, Entertainment, Games, Hardware, Microsoft, News

What a great day to be in existence. The NFL begins today and as a tribute, I have posted some very cool Madden 25 previews done on the Xbox One. Take a look at these graphics, it’s really something else.

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27 aug

Mac Rumors and Mac Happy Things to Look For!

*, Apple, Design, Electronics, Hardware, iPhone, News

A new set of iPhone’s to be released soon, lots of rumors, get your fill here!

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