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6 jul

Imagine all Roads Made of Solar Panels

**, Electronics, Hardware, Solar

With all of the road way and space out there for roads, what if every each road surface was made out of solar panels? We can lay down electric grids that would naturally power buildings, street controls, houses, and so … Continue reading

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16 jun

Virgin Galactic to Provide Commercial Space Flights

*, Hardware, Mobility, Robotics, Solar, Space

Virgin Galactic is the first commercial space flights and they are making tremendous steps in providing true options for anyone to take a ride in space. But, it will cost you. Take a look at what Richard Brandson and Jeff … Continue reading

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20 mar

Low Orbit Server Stations (LOSS) – Air-based Servers

Cloud Computing, Electronics, Hardware, Internet, Robotics, Solar

Today, we wake up in the morning to our phones, open them, take a look at some news, check our email, and get ready for the day. Almost every individual in the US has wireless networks in their homes and … Continue reading

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13 feb

Wireless Charging Systems: Feasible, What?

Car Computing, Electronics, Mobility, Solar

The world of wireless charging is beginning to enter the feasible world. It’s crazy in some ways, we rarely look back 20 years in the past to see all the innovations that took place during that time period. We often … Continue reading

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11 nov

Electricity Generated by Your Finger Tips

Electronics, Mobility, Solar

It’s pretty amazing to see what is up and coming, what scientists are working on, and actual practical applications of these new technologies. I found a rather interesting article done earlier this year on Nanogenerators collecting energy from your finger … Continue reading

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20 jan

Solar Powered Phone Charger

*,, Android, Apple, DIY, Electronics, Google, Home Projects, iPhone, Mobility, Solar

Are you a techy, who camps, fishes, hikes, or spends a lot of time where there may not be a power source? My hiking buddy introduced this to me last year and it is such a fantastic idea. Why not … Continue reading

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18 jan

Solar Powered Balcony Garden v2

***, Home Projects, Solar

Here was a project that I did in 2010. After giving up a back yard in the country to move into the city, I had to find a way to keep my garden going. In addition, I wanted everything to … Continue reading

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