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24 oct

So what does this E=mc2 thing actually mean?

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You know it, your friends know it, heck even your parents and grandparents know it, but how many of you actually know what E=mc2 really means? If you do not know don’t feel bad about it. Because the reality is … Continue reading

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16 oct

Felix Baumgartner – Red Bull Stratos – Space Jump

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On Sunday, after a couple of failed launches, Felix Baumgartner made history with this world record free-fall jump. He jumped out of a space capsule, lifted 24 miles high in the sky, literally in space, by a special made hot … Continue reading

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6 oct

Virgin Galactic Acquires Full Ownership of Spaceship Company

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“Because Space is Virgin territory” – Sir Richard Branson Ha, this guy is absolutely amazing. He does nothing but build a world around him that he wants to live, including the exploration of space. Branson finds a way to profit … Continue reading

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18 sep

Acoustic Levitation – Levitate Water with Sound

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Could you imagine that someone found a way to levitate water molecules with sound? It’s not all that new, it’s been happening for many years. The act of creating sound waves allows acoustic radiation pressure to literally lift objects in … Continue reading

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11 sep

9/11 – Video and Photo’s from NASA International Space Station

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Something to remember, we weren’t all on this planet when it all went down, but we all still saw it. Last year NASA released photos and a video that would have never been expected, ten years after the 9/11 terrorist … Continue reading

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30 aug

Science Ruins Everything: io9 Future

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io9: We Come from the Future – is a new Revision3 internet show that explores science and technology in new ways we did not know before. Check it out here. I don’t know quite yet.. but I’m going to give … Continue reading

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22 aug

Newsy Report: Curiosity Mars Rover Makes First Test Drive

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Take a look!

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15 aug

Where is the Best Place to Relocate? Mars?

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What’s the Best Place To Relocate? I was reading Slashdot today and thought these responses were pretty funny. Take a look. Dude, I’m not saying Earth is all that, but post-industrial Mars is a wasteland. Until they get the manufacturing … Continue reading

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27 jun

Obama vs Romney – Defend Against Alien Invasion

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Who do American’s think would serve better in an Alien Invasion? Obama or Romney? Two thirds of America say Obama… Ha, funny read… take a look.

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16 jun

Virgin Galactic to Provide Commercial Space Flights

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Virgin Galactic is the first commercial space flights and they are making tremendous steps in providing true options for anyone to take a ride in space. But, it will cost you. Take a look at what Richard Brandson and Jeff … Continue reading

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