Setup 6 Monitor’s To Your PC


This is a tutorial on how to install 6 monitors onto a single PC. This tutorial can also be applied to various other installations that can get 8+ monitors if desired, by simply alternating the types of mounts, cards, or USB adapters used. I’ll take you step by step through the installation process, some of the problems that I came across, and how I solved each of these issues.

This was one of my monitor setups used for trading back in 2009 (bad market). So, I thought I would migrate the tutorial from my other website, over here. Please bare with me while I make some updates. Enjoy!

Here’s how my final setup looks:
Complete Install

The Items I used

The method I chose is a combination of a new 4x output graphics card and 2x USB to VGA adapters along with a 4x monitor mount and 2x Dell pivot & swivel mounts so that I can adjust the height and angles.

In this setup, I have:

1x LG 22 inch Widescreen LCD – Already had
1x Dell 22 inch Widescreen LCD – Already had
2x Acer 22 inch Widescreen LCD – $159.99 each on eBay
1x Samsung 19 inch Widescreen LCD – Already had
1x Proview 19 inch Widescreen LCD – Already had

1x LCD Arm Desk Mount: 4x Units – $89.99 on eBay
2x Dell OEM Pivot & Swivel LCD Mount – $15.99 each on eBay

1x Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB (512-bit x 2) GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 – $279.99 on
2x DisplayLink USB to UGA Adapter – $79.99 each on eBay

Other Items Used:
750 W Power Supply Unit – $89.99 on eBay

Items Required for Setup:
Philips Head Screwdriver

Let’s Get Started – Step 1. Upgrading Your Power Supply

Step 1. Upgrading Your Power Supply
Step 2. Installing Your Graphics Adapter
Step 3. USB to DVI/VGA Adapters
Step 4. Mounting Your Monitors
Step 5. Setup Screen Positions

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