Step 3. USB to DVI/VGA Adapters

Installing DisplayLink USB to DVI/VGA Graphics Adapters

Now if you thought the above was hard, wait until you see how easy this is. Simply “Plug & Play”

This is really easy and Windows will automatically pick up the drivers and get everything setup for you. These are what I’ll use for my 19 inch side portrait monitors. They play video quite well, but can be a tiny bit choppy. I’ve also noticed while using TOS on these monitors, sometimes Java errors out. But, for the ease of use, they are great!

Next Step – Step 4. Mounting Your Monitors

Step 1. Upgrading Your Power Supply
Step 2. Installing Your Graphics Adapter
Step 3. USB to DVI/VGA Adapters
Step 4. Mounting Your Monitors
Step 5. Setup Screen Positions

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  1. Kensuke says:

    Not all monitors have dual-link DVI silmpy because they do not need it. For a non 3D-capable monitor you would need DL DVI only if it has a native resolution of over 1920 1080. I think that there are some TV sets that do have a DVI interface, but then again I don’t think it is Dual Link DVI and that they do support it for 3D input. DVI has always been a standard developed for to replace the analogue VGA interface on the PCs and HDMI has been developed as an alternative for consumer electronic devices. HDMI and DVI are pretty much compatible as to transferring video, however there is no alternative for Dual Link DVI with HDMI yet in terms of capabilities to support 1920x1080p at 120Hz or more.I don’t think we are going to see someone going in the direction for adding support for frame sequential stereo 3D with a DL DVI interface on their 3D HDTVs. PC users are not considered to be the biggest market for stereoscopic 3D TV sets, so it is more like having to wait for another revision of HDMI to get that support in frame packaged stereo 3D format for example. But it can as well take an year or even more for that to happen, and there is the possibility of some other alternative popping up +4Was this answer helpful?

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