Constrain Proportions

This is a tool often used for maintaining proportions, often used when resizing images. I run into this when sizes are pre-set in HTML embedded objects and I need to resize them, such as Vimeo videos. Simply enter in your original sizes width and height, then enter in the new width or height and press the appropriate calculate button.

Width Height
New Width New Height

4 Responses to Constrain Proportions

  1. phillihp says:

    Sweet. I’ve just used this in like 5 different places. No more using Photoshop for this. :)

  2. Michael says:

    Oh this is cool. What is the ratio you used?

  3. Shirley Dann says:

    Thanks Phil, this is so helpful. Have you made it as an app? I’d definitely download it if you did!

  4. clint says:

    A great tool, thank you, i so often open photoshop just to do that, this is a real timesaver

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