Lorem Ipsum Generator

This tool generates Lorem Ipsum text for filler while testing.

Lorem Ipsum Generator:

How Many?
Plain Text?

9 Responses to Lorem Ipsum Generator

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  2. That’s funny because I have been building a blogging plugin and needed something exactly like this for dummy text. Whereas the lorem ipsum website that comes up on Google has small text and as clear as this simple tool. I like it.

    • phillihp says:

      What technologies are you using for development?

      • Michael says:

        PHP & SQL

        jQuery & jQueryUI << It's my heart and soul.
        Vtip << Great tooltip script
        jQuery Form Plugin << Don't remember the name but it submits forms with Ajax.
        JSColor << Awesome colorpicker
        TinyMCE << Also checkout nicEdit
        Fancy Box
        Google Analytics
        Tons of various Javascript especially as a I convert to more and more Ajax calls.

        All this stuff is included or not included depending on how the user builds their site.

  3. Can you make this output in plain text with no formatting?

  4. Michael says:

    Would you share the code for this? I want to see how you generate it.

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