3G Radio Road Trip with AT&T. A+

So, the question over and over again right before a road trip, how do I entertain myself for 4+ hours?


  • FM Radio
  • USB Player (iPod, drives)
  • Satellite Radio (XM/ Sirus)

Well, I decided to really heavily test my phone’s 3G connection, using my Slacker Radio Android app over AT&T. The results were astounding! Over my drive from Baltimore, MD all the way to New York City, even through the Lincoln Tunnel, and then to Vernon, NJ, I had a 100% solid Internet connection streaming my custom radio station through the air!

I think AT&T’s coverage in the North East region is pretty solid, so this may not be the best test compared to Verizon, but it does show that there is a new source for streaming content, now available using any 3G or 4G mobile internet connection.

Here’s a map of my route:

And AT&T’s 3G map:

For fun, I posted an AT&T vs Verizon ad, so you can see the difference in 3G maps. I believe that for the most part, these are accurate. People ask my why I use AT&T, when Verizon has a better data package; the simple answer is customer service. But with the new 4G spread, I’ll be out in the market again.

So the next time you go on a road trip, if you have an unlimited data package and some good 3G/4G coverage, try out some streaming internet radio. The selection is great and building custom stations really makes your own radio personalized.

Oh, by the way, this post was brought to you by New York City AT&T 3G Tethered Internet connection. 🙂

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