US Mobile Data Traffic more than 1 Exabyte

With the dramatic increase mobile devices and technological expansions of these mobile devices, it has been estimated that the year 2010 will exceed 1 Exabyte in data transfer. To put this in perspective, well, it’s kind of tough to put into perspective.

An exabyte is 10 to the 18th power, compared to a megabyte being 10 to the 6th

Imagine this (over Mobile devices):
1,000,000,000,000 1 mega-pixel graphics were exchanged
– or –
285,714,285,714 audio files were transferred
– or –
1,666,666,666 movie’s were transferred

The one thing that shocks me is that we’ve had this technology for some time now. If we were to look to the left of RIM, you would see Microsoft having dominant control over smart phones, well at the time: PDA’s, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, and now Windows Phone 7. RIM came around and took picked up a huge number of Business professionals, but it appears they created new customers, rather than stealing Windows ones. Same thing happened with Apple… and furthermore with Android.

On a side note, notice how smart phones are far from saturating the marketplace.

As the technology progresses, so will the data usage, and smart phones are cycling in. I expect to see continued growth even after saturation takes place.

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