Tetris Ice Cubes!

Are you a Tetris nut like I am? I used to create Tetris games for College projects. I’ve done a 3D version in OpenGL and C++ and a 2D version in Java. Again some more items I have to add to this site. My next one I’d like to do is an HTML5 / JavaScript 3D Tetris, much like the post I had earlier.

Anyways, I found this Instructables guide pretty cool. I might actually have to try it some time. The guide teaches you how to make a Tetris mold, using wood and silicon. From here, you can make ice cubes, popsicles, or whatever else. I would probably be one of those guys who uses the Tetris mold when my friends come over and want some water. I’d even add in the food coloring. 🙂


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