HTC: Why I’m a Fan!

I am a huge fan of HTC. I’ll share the story that won my heart. I had purchased an HTC Rhodium, which is AT&T’s Tilt 2 running Windows Mobile 6.1 and Touch Flow on eBay, which I eventually swaped with WM6.5 and TF3D.

Well anyways, I was playing pool one night and had a tough shot to make, one where you basically have to lean across the table to steady the pool cue. Completely focusing on my shot, I stretched across the table, set my hand on the green matting, and as soon as I placed the cue in my hand, I heard a slow cracking coming from my pocket. I knew exactly what happened, I’ve done it before. I stopped, didn’t move, and kissed my $300 away in a matter of 10 seconds of thought. I stood back up and slowly pulled out the phone from my pocket. Sure enough, my fear was true.

Because I bought this phone on eBay, I was expecting to pay the $150 – $200 repair fee, so I called up HTC tech support and shipped off my phone to their repair team for an estimate. Literally 4 days later, I called HTC to find out how much this would cost me, they had told me 1) My phone was still under warranty, 2) I didn’t have to pay a thing, and 3) They had already repaired my phone and shipped it back to me. I was shocked, so while on the phone with them, I opened my front door, and no joke, there was a package at the front step, with my HTC Rhodium all repaired and good to go. I profusely thanked the HTC tech representative and was in a bit of a daze. This story alone is why I am an avid HTC fan!

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