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28 feb

Steve Jobs Keynote – Use this bingo board

*, Android, Games, iPhone

Ever watch an Apple keynote done by Steve Jobs? The next time you do, use this Bingo Board and see who wins. Optimized for the iPhone, also works well on the Android.

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25 feb

Avoid paying for Windows licenses for OEM Laptops and Desktops!

**, eBay, Windows

It’s quite common that a computer or laptop needs a complete refresh, with a format and clean install. But, what happens if you lost your original Windows CD/DVD’s? Lets say you buy a Laptop or Desktop on eBay or some … Continue reading

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24 feb

Taxes due soon. Why not do it on your iPhone or Android? Admiration for Intuit

***, Android, iPhone, Stock

I’ve always admired the company Intuit. Believe it or not, Intuit has been one of the forefront of companies utilizing web technologies to expand their business, and doing a good job at it. They have been doing this specifically with … Continue reading

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23 feb

Touch Screen Monitors will be the new IN!?

**, Android, ASUS, Chrome, iPad, Linux, Windows

Recently, I’ve been falling into the trend of Touch-input, and with Android and iOS pushing forward, we have lots of good competition forcing better recognition and ease of use. I’m even impressed with Windows 7 with Chrome and Touch Extensions. … Continue reading

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21 feb

New Tool Added – Auto Password Generator

**, JavaScript

Do you regularly update your passwords? Do you believe in non-dictionary based, purely random passwords and somehow after repetition remember these weird strings that allow the best security, all in a script that you can review the source of? Haha, … Continue reading

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21 feb

Play Quake in a Web Browser!

*, 3D Graphics, HTML5/CSS3, Safari, WebGL

The popular topic of discussion recently has been WebGL. Mostly because I’ve been working on a WebGL Tetris as an experiment. Today I’ve decided to make an upgrade and that has me searching the web for other implementations of Shaders, … Continue reading

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18 feb

JavaScript is not only for Web Browsers

***, Apple, Chrome, Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft, Safari

JavaScript, derived from ECMAScript, is becoming one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages in and around the web. Primarily, JavaScript is code that runs on a users web browser. But it’s use has expanded into many other realms. … Continue reading

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17 feb

Sick of Groupon and Living Social

**,, Media, News

Ok, we get it. Get a group of people together who all agree to buy something from a company and everybody will get a discount. Move this to the internet, get a larger group, get a larger discount! Great Idea! … Continue reading

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16 feb

iPhone Telephoto Lense – World of accessories to increase

**, Apple, Hardware, iPhone

The company Photojojo has released a telephoto lense for the iPhone 3 and 4. What a great idea? We’ve all been ready to walk out of the house and have to decide between if we need the “professional” camera to … Continue reading

15 feb

WebGL Tetris Competition? Found one better than my own.

**, 3D Graphics, Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, WebGL

Dionysis Zindros posted a comment on one of my posts about the WebGL tetris that I made a couple weeks ago. Well, his is surely better than mine, slightly… 😉 He includes sounds, music, a different perspective view, and better … Continue reading