Project Tracking: Microsoft Kinect MediaCenter App, Android Voice Recognizer App, WebGL Tetris

This will be my periodic tracking post for my current projects. This is probably more for you, but I’ll let the readers hold me accountable to get these things done. I’ll limit these to only three at a time.

At the moment, I have the following projects taking place:

Project Environment % for Beta Current Task
WebGL Tetris HTML5 85% Game Finish Result, Next Item
Android Voice Recognizer JAVA 50% Service Binding
Kinect MediaCenter C++ 10% Compile OpenKinect

WebGL Tetris

WebGL Tetris is a fully HTML5 OpenGL created Tetris like game. This one is nearly completed. I just need to put some finishing touches on it. There are not many WebGL compliant browsers out for mobile devices or even standard for normal browsing, so I will have a lot of time to put in some really nice features for when these browsers do get popular. This way, I’ll play my part in getting people to upgrade.

Check it out here: and if you have an HTML5 with WebGL compliant browser, go ahead and play. This will get you the latest build of Chromium:

Android Voice Recognizer

The Android Voice Recognizer is a simple app that could be used for group settings. Simply turn on your app and lay our Android phone or tablet on the table or wall and topics you speak of will automatically be displayed in the form of images on your device. I just started this one last weekend. I have the Android service setup and Voice Recognition almost completed. Once I can get the service bound to the activity, I’ll then be able to do the Google image lookup and simply have to refine the topics.

Kinect MediaCenter

I have done very little with this so far. At the moment, I have the Kinect drivers installed on my Windows box and have access to the device via a CLI application that was created with the drivers. The goal is to allow Kinect to control my XBMC media center in my living room by converting gestures to keyboard and mouse events. Bye-bye controller.

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