SDK Wars turn into Mobile Browser Wars

I found this well thought out article here at TechCrunch about the future web and mobile world to be swept by HTML5. It’s an article on what the world of web technology is and where it will be in the future, so I thought I’d take it another step. Today we fight the battles of individual mobile device SDK’s while we wait for HTML5 browser support to become more dominate. If you take a look at it, we have 6 major SDK’s for mobile smart phones:

Company Platform Language
Apple iOS Objective-C iPhone, iPad
Google Android Java
Palm Palm OS C, C++
RIM Blackberry Java
Microsoft Windows Phone C#, VB.NET

For a single company to reach a high percentage of it’s customer base, there are more than 5 different languages that applications will have to be written for, which makes the process both expensive and time consuming. With the promises of HTML5 and the advances in technologies, we have already started to see more applications head towards the HTML5 path. Where will this lead?

Just like we have the Browser wars on desktop and laptop computers, we will soon come to see the browser wars in the mobile world. Except, in my opinion, this will be far more complex than anything we’ve seen in the desktop and laptop arena. Instead of 2 or 3 major players (Windows, Mac, and Linux) we have 6 (iOS, Palm, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, and Nokia).

HTML5 compared to HTML4 is a huge step. I believe the market for cross-browser compatible development is going to increase as much as how complex HTML5 is. This will open doors for new JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery and MooTools, whom will have to, again, fight out and compete to dominate as the most stable JavaScript framework. We also have the introduction to 2D and 3D graphics integrated right into our websites. This will add a whole new dimension of 2D and 3D designers, who will spill into the Web Development environment.

The fight has already begun, and I feel it will be a tough one. So far, Firefox Fennec is on the top of my list, this is what I do my WebGL testing in.

Mobile Firefox vs Opera Mini
Bolt vs Skyfire
Nokia microB vs Firefox Fennec
iPhone Safari vs IE Mobile vs Firefox Mobile

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