Mobile Scrolling in HTML, Apple-like scrollable elements for the web

Would you like your mobile web applications appear just like a normal SDK app? There are several JavaScript libraries that are already available. The basic issue is that when a mobile site is navigated, the primary function for swiping is to navigate the positioning of the screen through the browser. Any additional data sets can not quickly be scrollable in-line or have a fixed position on your mobile browser.

There are some JavaScript solutions though. The performance isn’t perfect, but it’s getting really good. These are the first signs of competition against monsters like jQuery. YUI and Sentra (ExtJS) made the list, so it seems that someone knows the direction things are heading. What I’m looking for personally, is an HTML element or CSS style that allows in-line finger scrolling inside that element, rather than scrolling the screen and without getting these computational hungry scripts in the way.

Product Sample Links
iScroll Website


Sencha Website


YUI 3: ScrollView Website


jQTouch Website


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