Mobile Chips, Smaller, Smaller… now Dual and Smaller… Your phone = Desktop?

If you know mobile, you know TI’s OMAP processors. TI has made amazing strides, now offering many Dual Core processors, this year 1Ghz and 1.5Ghz Dual Core and next year 2Ghz Dual Core. They are even planning on releasing highlights for a Quad-Core mobile processor in the near future, and have thoughts of supporting more than 8GB of RAM. Wait, these phones are getting as powerful as my own personal computer…

What does this mean for the mobile user? Well, have you seen the CES demonstration of the new Motorala Atrix 4G with a phone that doubles as a laptop? With this new burst in mobile technology, well, your phone may very well become your desktop computer. It sounds like by 2012 or 2013, these phones may be more powerful than my personal computer built in 2008.

Talk about a whole new world of Computing. Who needs cloud computing when all of your data and processing power is in your pocket. No need for cloud terminals, rather the need for terminal accessory devices, Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) systems setup at home, work, at Starbucks, and simply plug in your phone. This could be considered even better security than Cloud Computing. It’s an interesting thing to think about how this could evolve computer systems.

So, lets!! I often speak about the giant pendulum shifts in technology, where we cycle from centralized computing systems to de-centralized systems. It’s a popular pattern that you can find in politics, science, and other matters of interest. Well up until this day, I have not really seen any shift in our current trend of de-crentralized systems to Cloud data and processing. To this point, we have seen Google utilizing a browser as the primary processor, along with the new emergence of HTML5 now taking control of your systems processors with content dynamically delivered over the internet, and your files being stored online via Amazon and Online backup systems.

With the emergence of processing power, packed into a tiny mobile device, do we now see signs of our new pendulum shift in technological change? Would it be possible to shift into dependence of tiny devices that we stick in our pockets to hold everything (maybe still backed up online). There are obviously issues to this theory…

These shifts have been known to cast over a length of a decade, and we are newly being converted to cloud systems. I don’t think they are limited to this, and I really should develop a graphic demonstrating this pendulum shift over the course of the Computer industry. We’ll make this a two part-er and I’ll leave you with those thoughts.

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