Sick of Groupon and Living Social

Ok, we get it. Get a group of people together who all agree to buy something from a company and everybody will get a discount. Move this to the internet, get a larger group, get a larger discount! Great Idea!

Except, in my opinion, it’s now flooded. Every morning from 4 to 5 AM, I hear my email alert trigger with new deals. Deals I probably could have received just by showing up and asking for it. Why not raise the cost of an item and offer a deal on it to bring you in. But wait, now we can advertise our false deals on Groupon and Living Social. Eh, I’m tired of it.

Thank you Living Social and for my free $10. I got a cool “You Like This” t-shirt. I’m sure the next hype wave for an actual good deal that comes around, I’ll be likely to catch it, and post it here.

In my new opinion, Groupon and Living Social are the internet equivalent of infomercials or your Sunday paper’s coupon section. “But wait, there’s more!”

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