JavaScript is not only for Web Browsers

JavaScript, derived from ECMAScript, is becoming one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages in and around the web. Primarily, JavaScript is code that runs on a users web browser. But it’s use has expanded into many other realms.

10 years ago, if you asked “Will JavaScript support OpenGL?” I may have told you that you were crazy. Today, with HTML5, we are now seeing this. Recently it’s been on a lot of my topics of discussion. But I wanted to mention the other alternative uses of JavaScript.

Although JavaScript and Java have almost no relation, Java programming does allow JavaScript implementation allowing access to Java variables and tools. This lets you quickly and easily modify code without the hassle of re-compiling, often allowing more extendable application frameworks.

Browser extensions are often easily implemented via JavaScript that gets tacked to every page that is generated. So, if you know JavaScript and a little bit of JSON, you can create extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. This really allows a developer to extend the functions of a site.

JavaScript is also very useful in many of today’s applications. Adobe Reader reads JavaScript from PDF files, in-fact most of the tools created for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver all allow JavaScript. Popular open-source office suite supports JavaScript for scripting.

There’s a whole new world when talking about ECMAScript and how it connects to all sorts of pieces of the world.


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