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30 mar

What is VI / VIM and what are the differences?

**, Linux, Programming

What is vi and vim? For those who don’t know, vi is a family of command line based text editors. The difference being, Vim, initially written for Atari, moved to expand the functionalities and features of typical vi editors. These … Continue reading

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29 mar

Advantages to Multiple Monitor Setup for Designers / Programmers

***, DIY, Electronics, Programming

Not every programmer and designer uses multiple monitors. In my book, it is a bare necessity. I have 6 on my home office. While working with many moving parts, all interacting quickly, and/or designing in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, … Continue reading

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28 mar

Hey, Newsy is raising money!

**, Android, iPad, iPhone

Hey, one of my favorite news sources is hitting the tech crunch blog for raising money. It’s nice to see them growing and sparking interest. I really like what they do. These days, news is reported through all of the … Continue reading

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26 mar

Credit Card Processing from your iPhone: SquareUp, Intuit, Paypal

***, iPhone

What new apps are coming out? Well, today, you can process credit cards right from your cell phone, your iPhone. What a great idea! And the technology isn’t all that difficult! came out with a free accessory, that allows … Continue reading

26 mar

The Human Body in HTML and PHP


Source: I would have done a couple of things differently. $this->performHighlight(‘

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24 mar

Access Virtual Machines on your iPhone / iPad with Parallels

**, Android, Apple, iPad, iPhone, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

Using Parallels with Parallels mobile, you can now access your desktops VM’s while on the road. At first glance, it looks like the application is actually running a virtual instance, but really this simply allows a connection to your VM. … Continue reading

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23 mar

Hyundai Equus – iPad Owners Manual – Good idea?

*, Apple, iPad

I’m trying to keep this blog purely technical, but it’s hard to resist when you notice the Hyundai Equus no longer uses paper manuals, but now includes an iPad with an Owners Manual App. I’ve been more and more shocked … Continue reading

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22 mar

ChromeOS or No OS, How about Android instead?

***, Android, Google, iPad, Linux, OS

ChromeOS is Google’s idea for a completely web-based operating system, utilizing Google online applications such as Google Docs, Maps, Spreadsheets, etc… But, where is it? It was announced two years ago, demo’s look like it’s doing what it should, but … Continue reading

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21 mar

Virtual Machines with Parrallels or VMWare Unity

**, Linux, Mac, OS, Windows

The new world of extremely high RAM and multiple-core processing allied with Hyper Threading has allowed computers to process much more than in the past. Instead of ever-increasing speeds of processors and limitations in 32-bit environments, computing technology has switched … Continue reading

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20 mar

Let me get your number, days are over. Facebook only!

**, Facebook

Remember back in the day, when you didn’t have a cell phone, you would have to actually find somebody if you wanted to get a hold of them? Well, I don’t, I’m not that old. But as this was the … Continue reading

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