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28 apr

Groupon, Living Social, now niche markets for tech people?


I’ve had reservations around Groupon and Living Social. They are great ideas, but I feel that 5 years from now, most everyone will be over the hype. It’s another medium in which gets people to take your money away from … Continue reading

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26 apr

What’s next after 3d (with glasses) television?

Apple, Electronics, Entertainment

I love all these examples of future technology. All of which actually already exist. It’s funny how we can have the technology, such as hand-held computers, yet they do not become popular until someone really builds utility to the technology, … Continue reading

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24 apr

iPad 2 Miniot Wooden Covers

iPad, iPhone

Brian showed this to us a couple of weeks ago. It’s worth posting. These are very nice covers for your iPads.

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24 apr – Walk-through of User Experience, Search and Navigation

Design, User Experience

We are now wrapping up the NHL (National Hockey League) season with the hunt for the Stanley Cup. My team, the Washington Capitals, have just wrapped up their first series and are moving on. So, I was interested in viewing … Continue reading

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24 apr

Flash vs JavaScript Wizardry, Panoramic vs Google Street View

Browsers, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript

I found this really great panoramic viewer, which really reminds me of Google Streets. It’s pretty nice, works well and has a great edge, even allowing you to navigate through different locations. So this is yet another example where … Continue reading

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22 apr

Photoshop disasters: Penny has 3 fingers, Big Bang Theory


I found this article the other day that went out and captured a bunch of obviously images done in Photoshop, that were just a bit off. Photoshop is the graphic workshop these days. There isn’t any other product that comes … Continue reading

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22 apr

CakePHP 4.0 – Larry Masters explains MRD Technology



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21 apr makeover with new Website Design

News, Site Related

Welcome to the new Phillihp’s Tech Blog. Thank you Emily for your amazing Photoshop work. I have most of the site in HTML and CSS now; there are many other items that I have to do, but it’s getting late, … Continue reading

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20 apr

CakePHP → Ruby on Rails Transition

CakePHP, Ruby on Rails

So, I’ve been using CakePHP for about 4 and a half years now, it’s time to add another weapon to the reprotar. I have it deployed for many projects, it’s great, works well, and has a lot of beneficial features. … Continue reading

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19 apr

TalkChalk Videos from Startup Weekend Baltimore

Facebook, Hack-a-thon, Internet

This weekend, I was a part of @TalkChalkco, we created a prototype Facebook App that brings students, already using Facebook, to interactive games and activities to learn, and earn grades for the classroom with incentives from the local community. We … Continue reading

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