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31 may

HTML5 Goes Masked. JS, Move Over.

Chrome, Firefox, HTML5/CSS3, Internet Explorer, Safari

For basically the entire existence of the web, we have been stuck with 8 basic types of input into a web based form: Checkbox Radio Password Drop-down File picker Button Text Textarea It wasn’t until 4 or 5 years ago … Continue reading

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31 may

What do Google Streets Camera Cars Look Like?

Car Computing, Google, Internet

Have you ever wondered what a Google Streets camera car looks like? I went out and grabbed a ton of photos of these things. They are pretty cool. There’s even one of a bicycle camera for hard to reach areas. … Continue reading

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30 may

Is Web (w3) Validation a Joke? Complexity vs Evolution?

Design, Facebook, Google, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Microsoft, Yahoo

Thanks to the W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, we have an international standard to web development. The web is still very new, and for the past 17 years, the web has still been a mess. How can we standardize … Continue reading

29 may

Order a Turducken on

Amazon shocked me again this weekend. While having some smoked turducken, it was mentioned that turducken is also sold on Amazon. My goodness… It’s a holiday weekend, so this isn’t so much tech-related, but I didn’t want to leave … Continue reading

28 may

Amazon is kicking Ebay’s Arse!, eBay, Electronics, Internet

I’m an avid eBay’er. Equally an avid Amazon’er. But this is just embarrassing now. Amazon is kicking eBay’s ass. I went out electronics shopping today on eBay and I’m stuck paying twice as much for the same thing that I … Continue reading

28 may

Basic Linux / Command Line, Crack a WPA Security Code

Hacking, Internet, Linux

Well done video leading up to cracking a WPA Wireless network utilizing John the Ripper and Aircrack-ng. I love how Darren was sure to include that cracking WPA can take from a minute to 16 years… lol. Technically speaking, brute-force … Continue reading

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27 may

Table’s vs Floating Div’s, a commonly mis-understood argument.

Browsers, Design, HTML5/CSS3, Internet, Mobility

A while back, the introduction to strict HTML, or XHTML, came about. Before CSS, developers were organizing and styling content using Tables. It’s still done today. CSS revolutionized websites and the need for tables looked like a thing of the … Continue reading

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26 may

What’s your Website worth??


I found this fun little tool that goes out and tells you what your webpage is worth is you were to sell it to someone else. I don’t think it’s accurate at all, but it was fun to play around … Continue reading

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25 may

VS: Joomla, Drupal, WordPress – Pick one

CakePHP, Design, PHP

A quick look at Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress… In the web world, we always hear about these three CMS systems. For one, they are all in PHP, and PHP is absolutely everywhere, so it’s easy to … Continue reading

24 may

Augmented Reality on Mobile Phone

Android, Apple, Electronics, Google, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobility, Windows (Mobile)

For so long, I’ve wanted to have a pair of sunglasses that could interpret books that I was reading and do searches for me so that I could quickly identify key items and points. The day is getting close. Today’s … Continue reading

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