Firefox 4.0 – Quick Look. Enable WebGL!

This was a simple post that turned into a small review of Firefox 4.

First off, Great job Firefox, now that design is compact! Although I had to manually set this up, by making sure the Menu did not show, it looks nice. Nice, clean, good look!

Firefox 4 Compact

Second, please tell me why there is still a seperate search box. Since Chrome, I moved away from Firefox, but now that the new Firefox is here, it’s pretty nice and I might like to use it for web debugging. But even Internet Explorer 9 realized that you don’t need two boxes up top. Remove the search and implement it into the features of the address bar. Even IE9 I began using for one of my clients that I regularly VPN into.

Firefox 4 Compact

Now to try out WebGL, I go to my Hello World Tetris Game and ughh!

Firefox 4 WebGL Test

Here’s how to manually setup WebGL to force start.

Go to the address bar and type in “about:config” press enter. Click [I’ll be careful, I promise!] Isn’t it nice how all of our applications are beginning to get some personality?
Firefox 4 About:Config

Find “webgl.force-enabled” and double click it to get the value to “true” and it will now be bolded. All done, simply restart the browser.
Firefox 4 Force WebGL Enabled

Firefox was very close, but no cigar… I’ll stick with Chrome. Although Firebug does have a special place in my heart.

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